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Posted on Tuesday February 27, 2018


$3,000,000 Combined Waterworks and Sewerage System

Revenue Bond Question


The Problem: The City of Plattsburg’s water lines are in need of repair. It has been many years since our city replaced old piping. We also need to install new piping to serve new areas and provide better service to areas already served. Inconsistent water pressure is not only an inconvenience at home but harms the Fire District’s ability to fight fires. These new lines will give our fire fighters a more effective ability to protect us from fire.

In addition, the City’s north water tower needs to be replaced. Not only was it built in 1958, but its 150,000-gallon capacity does not meet our current needs.  

If the City makes upgrades and changes to its existing water distribution system, we can improve our water pressure, reduce repair and replacement costs, and possibly lower our ISO rating.

The Solution: The City’s administration has determined a course of action to replace much of the existing piping system, install new lines where needed, and replace the existing north water tower with a new 400,000-gallon tower. This project will deliver better and more consistent water pressure to the whole town and increase the storage capacity of the existing tower.  

The new water lines will be of a more durable material than our existing distribution system. They will last longer than our current lines and require fewer and less expensive routine repairs. As we have grown as a community, our water storage needs have increased as well. The proposed tower will provide adequate storage for a community our size.

How Much? Our City officials and engineers are working to obtain an attractive financing solution. If the bonds are approved, the City will become eligible for grants and low interest financing. There are numerous programs open to Missouri’s municipalities that present the opportunity to be awarded grant money that never needs to be repaid.

Your City officials will pursue as much grant financing as they can in order to lessen the financial impact on Plattsburg’s citizens as much as possible and bonds will only be issued in AFFORDABLE amounts.

What Happens if this doesn’t pass? If this bond issue does not pass, the City cannot finance these proposed improvements with the help of various government agencies that require bonds to be voted before we can qualify for state or federal resources. The grants and low interest loans offered by government agencies could greatly reduce the cost to the City of Plattsburg.

Want to learn more?  Please attend public meetings on March 5th and 28th at City Hall at 7 pm.


6:00 AM -7:00 PM at the Clinton County Court House

Mayor Schauer and your Board of Aldermen have worked diligently on this project to provide the City with a worthwhile improvement plan. They urge everyone to please take a few moments and VOTE.

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