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Mayor's Corner

At our next council meeting, 11 Aug at 7:00 PM at City Hall, we will hold a public hearing prior to the start of our regular meeting.  This hearing is to review our proposed tax rates for next year.  As we have for the last several years; we are planning no significant tax increase.  Our tax rate will generate the same amount of money that we generated for last year.  
If you recall, we pasted our fiscal 2016-2017 budget in June-that budget was based on the same amount of tax revenue as our 2015-2016 budget.  The largest deficient (by %) we have in our budget is for street lighting.  This has happened over the last few years because of rate increases.  We will increase that portion of the tax rate as much as we can to make up the shortage-however, by Missouri Statues we are limited both on the amount and frequency of street lighting increases.   In either case it is a very small % of our tax breakdown.
The tax revenue generated from each of our Real Estate and Personal Property Taxes is the money we use to run our City; Including Roads, Police, Parks, and etc.  Our Utilities are funded through each your monthly bills for Natural Gas, Water, Sewer and Trash Pick Up.  Lastly, our Electric service is furnished by AmernMissouri.
As always-if you have any questions’ give us a call or stop by City Hall.


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Mayor, Plattsburg
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