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United Fiber For Residents!
Posted on Tuesday January 22, 2019
As many of you are aware, United Fiber has installed a Fiber Optic Commercial Corridor in Plattsburg

As many of you are aware, United Fiber has installed a Fiber Optic Commercial Corridor in Plattsburg and has been hooking our businesses up to Fiber optics for the last several months.  I have been asked time after time when are they going start on residential customers.  Greg Harris and I met with CEO and COO of United Fiber last month to see what their plans were on residential service for Plattsburg.

United Fiber is part of United Electric CO-OP in Savanna, MO.  They have been expanding their Fiber Optic operation for the last several years, focusing on rural communities in NW MO.   They have everything in place to start running fiber Optic Cable to every house in Plattsburg.

What they need from us is the number of homes that would be interested to connecting to fiber.  They offer internet, phone and television (like Google Fiber).  Their basic internet speed is 5 to 10 times faster than the DSL line we currently have in Plattsburg-depending where you live. (for less money).  Their television packages are also less than Direct TV or Dish Network. As is the phone land line.  For a complete listing of services and pricing visit their web site at

We have signup sheets at City Hall to fill out if you are interested in changing your internet, phone and TV service to Fiber.

It is important fill out this signup sheet - we need 500 homes in Plattsburg with a positive response to move the top with their install list of Cities.  This survey is to see if you are interested, not signing up for their service - you will sign up for their service when they start installing the Fiber in your neighborhood.

The businesses in Plattsburg that have installed their service have told me they are saving money, with faster more reliable service than they were receiving from CenturyLink.  At City Hall we are saving over $500.00 per month.  I checked their pricing on line and found that our house would get faster more reliable service for internet, TV and land phone line for less money.

Everyone I talk to has asked me - When are we going to get Fiber Optic service?  Well this is your chance to let United Fiber know how badly we would like their service.   This seems like a no brainier to me; who would not want better, faster more reliable service for less money.

Together we will move Plattsburg into the 21st Century in communication.

Thanks for all your help,

Dave Schauer Mayor, Plattsburg


United Fiber Sign Up Form

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