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Plattsburg Cemeteries

City Cemetery
This is the oldest of the four cemeteries and is managed by the City of Plattsburg.  Persons of interest buried here include Captain John Turney who was killed during the 1864 Battle of Plattsburg. This cemetery no longer accepts new grave sites. 

Greenlawn Cemetery
This is the largest of all the cemeteries and is managed by a non-profit Board.  Several political persons of interest are buried here, including David Rice Atchison.

Calvary Cemetery
Managed by St. Ann's Parrish, initially this cemetery was only open to those of the Catholic faith, however, it is now open to the general public.

Mount Washington Cemetery 
This cemetery was originally designated for those persons of African American descent.  It has since become open to the general public.  It is managed by a non-profit Board.

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